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Good Quality Ammonium Nitrate on sale
Good Quality Sodium Nitrate on sale
The products applied so far is giving a good result in grass growth, we're satisfied with it's performance,thank you.

—— Mike & Georgia

Thanks very much for your efficient products & services. I appreciate and hope we can do a lot more business in the near future.

—— Gary Avins

You did a very good job with the last shipment,I appreciate the good service you provide, I win more market share,thanks for your support.

—— Felipe

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Wuhan Kangzheng Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

Ammonium Nitrate DCS Control System
Ammonium Nitrate DCS Control System Ammonium Nitrate DCS Control System
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Production Line Profile

Our exporting products include Ammonium Nitrate,Sodium Nitrate,Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution(UAN),Ammonium Polyphosphate(APP),Nitric Acid,Sulphuric Acid,Sodium Hydroxide,Potassium Hydroxide,Urea,Calcium Ammonium Nitrate,Calcium Nitrate,Ammonium Nitrate Phosphate(ANP),Ferrous Sulphate,Magnesium Sulphate,DCP,MCP etc.


Our preponderant products are Ammonium Nitrate,Sodium Nitrate,UAN,APP,Compound Wax,Compound Fuel Oil. Until 2015, the annual output of exporting of them is over 50,000 tons .


The production of Porous Prills Ammonium Nitrate adopts the technology of KT Company of France. The main advantages are low –content of water, not easy blocking, high oil absorption, high crushing strength, and high detonation speed. The content of water of our PPAN has been controlled under 0.05% which is lower than the KT standard 0.2%.  The oil absorption is around 12%-14%, which is 5% higher than the local standard. The detonation speed is over 3200m/s. This kind of product has the competitive advantages in the international market.



The emulsion explosive production line, imported from the US, is continuous and automated with computer video process monitoring. As the first domestic emulsion production line which ranks among the world leading levels, its facility is high technical with superior product performance and high degree of automation. The workers are reduced from more than 200 to less than 14. Colloidal emulsion explosive is anti-water and have superior blasting performance. The production procedures are clean with less fumes generated. Both production and usage are safe. Besides, workers can work promptly after blasting finished.


In addition, according to customers’ needs, we invested much capital on researching and developing new products. At the moment, we have succeeded in producing the new product named Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution. And we are going to produce in mass production in the first half year of 2011. The annual output will achieve 300,000 to 400,000 tons. The most important thing is that we are the first company to produce and export it to other countries in China.

OEM/ODM Profile

Wuhan Kangzheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd can accept customized design,once getting customer's formula,we can ask our laboratory can make samples accordingly for customer's test,such as Fertilizers,Food & Feed Additives.Not only products,but also for packaging according to the customer's requirement.





R&D Profile

Urea ammonium nitrate(UAN) solution is a mixture of urea and ammonium nitrate solution of nitrogen fertilizer, the nitrogen respectively from the three forms of nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen and amide nitrogen.Usually a gallon UAN solution weighs 11.08 pounds (1105.5 kg/m3), pH of about 7, and a small steam pressure.Nitrogen element 3.55 pounds (160.6 kg/m3), diversity of nitrogen nutrient effect more and more durable.Compared with other traditional fertilizer, urea ammonium nitrate solution has the following features:

(1) it's stable, non-flammable, pale yellow or colorless, atmospheric pressure of the liquid nitrogen.

(2) Slightly corrosive,good safety performance, cost-effective, market restrictions on small;

(3) Efficient storage and distribution, distribution process without loss;

(4) of nitrogen compound fertilizer, three forms of nitrogen element, greatly broaden the plant nitrogen absorption spectrum;

(5) containing promote plant rapid growth factor, nutrients can quickly reach the department of plant roots, stems, can offer fast and lasting for plant nutrition supply;

(6) it's suitable for all kinds of crops in the vegetable, melon, tomato, fruit crops fertilizer production effect is obvious;

(7) can be used as bottom (base) fertilizer, the soil before sowing seeds can also be used in (to avoid burns leaves) immediately after application, the late fertilizer effect is better;

(8) water soluble 100%, without any impurities, utilization rate of 90%, high efficiency, safety and environmental protection, applied with the sprayer and irrigation system, multiple effect and easy to use;

(9) high stability, and can be mixed with other chemical pesticide and fertilizer application, can be a very good compatibility with other fertilizer and chemicals, economic advantage is along with the plant chemical protection can be mixed fertilizer use, fertilizer application at a time, a variety of purposes, save time, save money and energy saving.


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